Wioleta & Michal / Berwick & Great Ocean Road Wedding

If you like Melbourne city wedding photography but also part of your hearth screaming for beach feel of wedding images – here you can see the solution. This wedding was created with additional photo shoot location. We have started at Bride/Groom Preparations at Oakleigh then ceremony at the Keysborough church to move in to the city for location images to finish the first day at the amazing Clover Cottage reception in Berwick. The day was a quite challenging for my couple as temperature reached on 3rd Jan humble 43C but as I suppose perfection of the days don’t allowed them to complain. So after the wedding day we was ready for extended location photo shoot trip at fabulous Great Ocean Road Yay! Please enjoy images below.

Unique Melbourne Wedding Photography at Berwick and Great Ocean Road. Twelve apostles wedding.